Sunday, March 07, 2010

"Run Forrest, RUN!!!"

Could it be? One week from today, I will be running a 1/2 marathon. Me. Run. 13.1 miles. Holy Smokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The butterflies have already begun and I am sure I will be a complete mess at the beginning of the race.

Am I ready? Well, as ready as I will ever be. Am I excited? Um....I guess so. Am I nervous? Definitely.

My stock I bought in Immodium will be paying dividends that day I am sure.

After getting through the start of the race, I expect to settle in and do my thing and just enjoy the run. I just want to finish in the appointed time which is 4 hours. If I come in under time, that will be icing on the cake.

It should be a fun run. Lots of my friends will be there too, and my bff Shannon will be by my side. She will be there to wipe the slobber off my chin when I have no energy to do so. LOL!

I pray I can be an example to others while in Dallas. (I know. I know. I am running on Sunday of all days, but I can still be an example!) An example of what it means to be a loving wife, mother, and a daughter of the King. I pray for openings in which to share these things with other wives and mothers who may be struggling. I am looking at it as an opportunity for the Lord to give me an opening to share Him with others.

So, all in all, yes. I guess I am ready. I am excited. And yes, I am still nervous!!

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