Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Being Devinely Favored...

"God has blessed me to spend time and space with a man He designed Himself, just for me. I've not only been blessed, I've been Devinely favored." ~Madea's Family Reunion~

I heard this quote in Madea's Family Reunion and I played it back until I had it word for word.

So, I began thinking about how I have been Devinely favored. I know it is sappy, but that is how I feel about my marriage. I feel I have been Devinely favored and that the Lord has created me for Dan and Dan for me. What a blessing!!

I just love this quote. I love that the Lord loves me so much that He created someone to love me. Someone for me to care for and to care for me. Someone for me to pray with, worship with, someone to lead me through life. Someone to spend my days and nights with and someone to laugh with and cry with during good and tough times.

But, most of all, I love that God loved me enough to send His Only Son to die on a cross for my sins.

Now THAT is being Devinely favored.


Sally said...

I feel exactly this way too--especially about my marriage. I've been thinking a lot about my marriage and am so THANKFUL for Matt and the man God made him.

He lives true to "Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church".

I also love my kids--they make me laugh everyday...(and cry too, but let's focus on the good)

SweetmamaK said...

As Always you are an inspiration!

-Alyson said...

how did I not know you had a blog lady??? I love this entry and that quote!!!

Nature Walk

Nature Walk
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