Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paws in the Park 1K Fun Run...Kasey took 1st place!

I am so pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning we jumped out of bed and hauled over to the Paws in the Park Fun Run in Pearland, TX.

My daughter who is 11, BEGGED me to let her run with her dog in the 1k there today.

Well, she took first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She won the girl's division with a time of 6:40. She beat everyone else by 4 minutes!!!!!!!!!

SHE DID SO AWESOME! I am so so so so so proud of her! This is a little one that "hated" running, but for some reason, it has suddenly "clicked". And she's loving it!

She was really proud of me for completing the 1/2 in Dallas and even text me while I was running that "Carr's aren't quitters!". I've always told her that. :)

My husband too has gotten on board with getting healthy and has been lifting weights and wants us to enter some 5K's as a family.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but all this has come about after me completing the half. I think they are both so jazzed that I finished it even with a bum knee and all. I am so happy that my family wants to be healthy and I didn't nag them to get there. Just me being me! :) :) :)

Still on cloud nine for that sweet thing!

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SweetmamaK said...

You are a great example! I'm so proud to know you. Let me know of the next fun run- my oldest son (11) wants to start running. Megan said he could train with her when she starts up again after the baby is born. Oh and KC looks so adorable- I'm glad her puppy was able to keep up.

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