Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Cleaning??

Whoever heard of Fall cleaning?? Ugh....well, I am about to tackle it. It seems I have to exchange out all of our summer clothing with fall clothing out of our closet each time the seasons change. I don't think it's cuz we have too much....I think it's just because I have a small closet!

Storage/organizing has always been an issue for me. I am not a very good organizer. I tend to hang on to things in fear that I may need them the minute I throw them away! AND, what a waste of money to have to go buy it again!!!

I have Kasey's room pretty much in order. We went through all of her clothes and bagged up all the one's she no longer wears or has grown too tall to wear. When I get overwhelmed, I go into her room and breathe!

I started in my closet today. I just worked for 15 min. (, and bagged up clothes I didn't wear this summer and got rid of them. I didn't even think about it. I just put them in the bag! Yay me!!!

Next, I need to tackle the "school room" that is no longer being used. Kasey has moved to the living room or kitchen to do her work so I am going to try to move stuff out to make a guest room. Well, it will be more of a place for Kasey to sleep when we have company. Right now, she sleeps on the couch when someone comes to visit. Anyways there is soooooo much school stuff to go through. I am already phsyching myself out. I wish I could just hire someone to come do it for me, but then I'll never be able to find anything ever again! Ho hum.....

AND, I'm reading a great book which is never a good thing for me when I have other projects that need to be done!! Oh well, I'll do the best I can do and I'll try to post before and after pics to this blog as soon as I take some.

So....anyone else Fall cleaning out there????

Off to clean....or read,

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Nature Walk
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