Monday, April 06, 2009

God is good....

I was just reflecting on my life and God is good.

When I go to weddings, it makes me think about my own marriage. I am thankful that God landed Dan in my life. AND, that he finally got up the courage to ask me to marry him!! He's such a solid Christian man. He learned that honestly from his Dad.

Dan is a guy I think any woman would love. Now, my sister-in-laws would beg to differ, but he rarely lets people see the side of him that I love. Although, he pretty much showed the world at Kristina's wedding!! He got a bit emotional when we were presenting the Bible to Chad and Kris. When we sat down, he said it was "like giving my own dadgum daughter away." She is that special to us.

He just really, really wanted people to understand how much Kristina loved the Lord and trusted Him in the area of her relationships. She was faithful to draw close to Him and He was faithful to her in bringing Chad into her life. He worked all day on what he was going to say at the wedding and was still fixing it up on the drive over. I'm glad I didn't have to do anything but read scripture cuz with Kristina blubbering and Dan too, I'd of been a squeeking mess!! I held it together until we were done and on our way to our seats!!!

Dan is a man that truly seeks the Lord in every aspect of his life. He prays with his family and with me alone. He reads the Word daily and is a really great guy to be around. He's almost always happy, unless you catch him right after a nap, then, well, he's a bear. But I love him anyways!!

He's a great father too. If I have one regret, it is that I haven't been able to give the man a son. I know how badly he wants one and believe me, it wasn't for lack of trying!! I am trusting that God knows best and if we only have Kasey then I will be content with her because she's everything I never knew I wanted and more!!

So, just a little reflecting and putting it out there about how thankful I am for Dan the Man!! I thank the Lord for him!!!!

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Sally said...

"Kwitina" as I like to call her is that special to me too...and don't worry--Dan will have a SON (in-love) one day. Be praying for Kacey's future husband and it will be as close to having a son.

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Nature Walk
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