Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Thankful heart.....

When I moved to Houston, six and a half years ago, it was a shock to my system. For all my life, I lived in a little East Texas community where if your neighbor sneezed, you knew who it was. Upon moving, I prayed earnestly for a God fearing friend. God answered my prayers.

Her name is Kristina. She is a shining example of what a Woman of God is all about. She amazes me with her strength and love for the Lord. She is a loving servant of God, and serves faithfully in her little church. She humbles me to no end when it comes to loving others. I am so blessed to count her as a friend.

I see the Lord using her and working in her life and it is exciting to behold. I am so glad that my daughter has her to look up to kind of like a big sister. Kristina is going to be a wonderful wife and mother someday.

She is the kind of friend you hold on to for all of your life and never let go. She is a sweetheart.

Last week, as I was giving her cooking lessons, she surprised me and my family with dinner. How nice it was to have a day off from cooking and cleaning up!

She blesses me numerous times that I can't even begin to count. My heart is full and thankful to the Lord for landing her in my life.

Thanks Kristina for being my friend!

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