Friday, August 08, 2008


Well, I'm really trying hard to figure out how to use these dang computers for adding stuff on this blog. It drives me nuts sometimes that I'm so computer ignorant. Geez...I think Kasey can figure out more than me on this thing!

Life will soon be back to normal as soon as Dan is back at work and Kasey and I start school again. I'm really looking forward to this year. Fourth grade is what I taught in public school many years ago, and now Kasey is a fourth grader. It blows my mind that in 2 months she will be 10 and in 7 months I will be *gulp* 40!!!

I'm not sure I am going to handle this birthday as gracefully as I handled turning 30. I mean at 30, I had this beautiful new baby that God placed in my life after many years of trying and finally deciding I was never going to have one of my own. But, He did give me one of my own to raise and now she's turning 10! It seems like just yesterday I held that little baby in my hands....

So, the other day I said to her, "Kasey, I know that God loves me very much." She said, "I know He loves me too." I told her I knew He loved me because He placed her in my life. She was just what I always wanted and I didn't even know it until she came along. She just beamed from ear to ear.

Sometimes, I get busy being a wife and mother and I forget to be thankful. Thankful to my Heavenly Father for the blessings of health, and for my sweet, sweet family. Thankful to Him for my wonderfully, understanding, and loving husband. Thankful for the beautiful daughter....not just beautiful on the outside, but truly a beautiful person on the inside. I have only Him to thank for molding her into what He wants her to be. I am just given the opportunity to guide her in finding the way He has for her.

Enough rambling for tonight. Have a blessed and thankful day!

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Kareena Mullens said...

What a beautiful post! I've missed you, it seems like ages since we've played BUNCO!!! I love hearing you talk about Heavenly Father and all your blessings!

Nature Walk

Nature Walk
My precious gift from God....

Baby ducks Kasey found.