Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cookies and remembering my Mom....

Today I had my little great nieces over to make Valentine cut out sugar cookies. We had a ball! I've been doing this with Kasey since she was 2 years old and now she's 11. I decided it was time to bring in the young one's and start the tradition with them.

It was bittersweet as today marks 6 years that my mom went to be with the Lord. I looked around at the off spring that continues on and think how blessed we are. God is good.

I miss my mom, but I am thankful for the time I had with her. She taught me much but I still long to speak with her. I can't tell you how many times after she was gone, that I called her phone just to hear her voice. Then, one day I couldn't reach it anymore and I no longer had it to call and listen to. I was very sad.

But, as I was looking through a drawer one day, I found a tape she had made. It was to Kasey on her 1st birthday. My mom was taking piano lessons, and she played and sang happy birthday to her. The funny thing was....she was a terrible player and singer. She stopped and started and hit the wrong notes all along the way. By the time I finished listening to it, I was laughing so hard I was crying...but tears of joy!! God let me find it at just the right moment when I needed to "hear" from her. God is good. So, so good.

Here are some pics of today's cookie making. I was thinking of my mom the entire time. I love you still.

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SweetmamaK said...

you are soo wonderful. I love to read your blog. I know you will be with your mother again, she'll be there to greet you with open arms when it's your turn to return home. For now, I know that she is near and watching over you and her precious grandchildren. They are never far from us.

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Nature Walk
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