Monday, November 03, 2008

Trip home to surprise Grandma and Grandpa

THE best Grandparents EVER!!

We had a great trip to White Oak this last weekend. We didn't tell a soul we were coming and when we showed up on Halloween, everyone was surprised.

Kasey's Grandma and Grandpa were sooooo happy to see another of their little munchkins it made my heart swell.

Grandma Carr just kept saying she couldn't believe Kasey was there. Grandpa got a bit choked up when he saw her for the first time and gave us both long lasting hugs.

I'm not sure any grandparents could love their grandbabies more. We are blessed.

While there, Grandma Carr came up with the idea to have a surprise birthday party for Kasey. I immediately thought it was just a ploy to keep us there longer on Sunday as I was planning on heading home that morning. But, it was the best decision ever.

When Kasey walked in Aunt Debbie's kitchen and everyone yelled "SURPRISE", she was shocked, then started shaking, laughing, then crying all in one fell swoop. There was not one dry eye in the bunch. I couldn't believe her reaction. I hugged her with my own tears in my eyes, and pointed her toward her cake and she blew out the candles. Then she told everyone thank you.

It is a day that she and none of us will ever forget. The thankfulness and love for her family was radiating from her.

I asked her later on the drive home, why she started crying and she told me that she just couldn't believe that her family went to all that trouble just for her.

Oh my gosh. Rip my heart out.

I WILL be better about making the trip home. SHE needs it. It isn't about me as I was shown on this visit....IT MATTERS AND MEANS THE WORLD TO HER AND TO HER FAMILY THERE.

Lord, thank You for Kasey and for the bright light she is to us and to her family back home. I don't know why you chose me to raise her, but I'm grateful you did. I love You now and forever. In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen


SweetmamaK said...

What a wonderful family! My children are so blessed too, they have a lot of family here and my parents are just 200 miles away in Austin and they come for visits all the time. You are right, its no longer about us anymore, it's about the kids and their relationships. Thanks for always having such beautiful inspiring posts!

KCsMomma said...

Thanks Kareena. We've been in Houston going on 7 years now, and I haven't been great about taking her home.

After this weekend, it was impressed upon my heart how very important it is for her to be around her family with our same beliefs there.

You are's not about us anymore.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk
My precious gift from God....

Baby ducks Kasey found.