Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Girl's Birthday weekend is here!!! Yay!!!

I can not believe it has finally arrived. Tomorrow at 4:00, I'm really hoping it will be 4 and not 8, my bf from college will travel to my house and we are going to have a great weekend with our daughters!

We have put together a "hotel" in my school room. I wish like crazy I'd of taken a before picture, because it sure doesn't look like a school room now! It looks like Room #317 (Kasey and Taylor chose the number), the Birthday Suite of the Wish Upon A Star Hotel and Spa!!!!!

We have room service with a full menu, continental breakfast, manicures, pedicures, facials, hair and make-up, movies, a limo service, aka my Altima, and so much more!!!

It is going to be a blast!!

We also have a df coming to do a model make-over and photo shoot that the girls do not even have a clue about. She's going to make them each a dvd of the photo shoot too!

How Coooool???

I don't know who is happier about getting to spend the weekend together, Kasey and Taylor, or Shelly and me!!! Oh, you know there will be shopping..............:)

I'll post pics on here after we are all wrapped up. I'll be making the girls a scrapbook to take home as part of their gift!!

Okay, got to go add some finishing touches!

Making Memories,

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Kareena Mullens said...

I can't wait to see the finished product. I've seen the school room, so I really can't wait to see it as a hotel room! You are the most inpsiring mommy!

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