Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Building a relationship with my daughter...

Most of you know that Kasey is almost a 10 year old. She laughs because she knows when she turns 10, a few months later, I turn 40. EEEEEKKKK!! I'm seriously struggling with that one....but as my friend Kareena says, "I digress."

Because I homeschool Kasey, we spend a whole lot of time together. Today after school, I took her to this really cool park that has a zip line. We were the only ones there and we had the best time. After we ate lunch, we gathered our stuff and headed to the zip line where we proceeded to ride and laugh our heads off. We laughed till we almost tinkled in our pants! It was that kind of funny!!

Now, I am not that fun loving kind of parent everyday (sad to say), but today was one for the books. I am praying that the Lord opens up many more doors and opportunities like we were walking out to the car hand in hand, Kasey began asking me some rather grown up kind of questions that little girls should ask their moms and not their friends.

It made me so happy because this has been my goal since having that little girl 10 years ago. I have prayed for the kind of relationship that has a bond that is unbreakable so when the tough times come in the teen years, that she will know and understand that her dad and I are not crazy, but we love her and are only looking out for her.

What I learned today was something so many of my friends already knew. Through having fun with your kids, you bond in a way like no other time. It opens the doors to forge that relationship that I've been earnestly praying for.

I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father opened the door for me today.


Kareena Mullens said...

Karla! I Love your blog and your thoughts. I have been checking the blog, but when I open up I see the same picture, so I thought Oh she must not be updating, i'm so glad I scrolled down today. Ok so where is this zip line? My kids would LOVE it!

LittleBig said...

Yah...I'm trying to get better about the whole pic thing on here. I have some of the zip line I'm trying to put up!

The park is over here near Channelview right off of Beltway 8. I will try to get the name of the road and get it to you!

Galadriel said...

I totally agree with you! We all get so busy that there isn't enough time for any fun. I really remember fun times with my family and we constantly try to create memories like that for our kids. It is so worthwhile!

KCsMomma said...

The pics of the zip line were taken the next day when we drug her dad down there. Of course he had to do it too.....He only bounced his booty two time off the dirt...LOL!!

Nature Walk

Nature Walk
My precious gift from God....

Baby ducks Kasey found.